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Some Professional Stuff

I work in computer security.

I wrote a book, twice; it's called Building Internet Firewalls and you can find more stuff about firewalls and my first co-author, Brent Chapman at Great Circle Associates.

I review books for ;login:.

Steve Simmons and I have a presentation called "Rules Of Thumb of System Administration" which I am bringing onto the wiki.

Are you putting together something that deals with people's names? It might capitalize them, decide what's a legal name, make usernames or email addresses based on them, that sort of thing? Here's a list of some problem cases you might want to think about.

Here are some oldies but goodies, starting with advice for people who answer telephones.

I'm not sure how professional this is, but here are some useless and unoriginal seven-layer models.

Some Personal Stuff

I rave and rant every so often. I do it less if I get to make things; here are some instructions for things I make.. And here are some pictures of pretty patterns I've drawn. But if that's all too normal, you could check out some output from a PostScript program inspired by Vasarely, or small, spare collages, or programs that are fun to look at or some photos from the beach . Coloring Pages Counting mazes

Paper doll templates

Reviews of (almost entirely black) pens

Free Photoshop brushes

"Boy" Books with strong female characters

As you may have noticed, I have a small child. I am also opinionated, so I often write up advice on child-related stuff. Sometimes I compare it to my experience dealing with my stepfather, who had dementia.

My father is Arnold Zwicky.

Mail me at my last name at otoh.org

Buying Stuff With Pictures I Made

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And Some Of The Books I Own

Stuff in progress so it doesn't get lost.