LastPass Compromise

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If you use LastPass your present from them this year is that your passwords are compromised and you should change them. While you’re at it, consider changing to another platform. The recent compromise puts your passwords at risk and their security practices mean they are not a good platform to use. Password managers are an excellent tool. They allow for using strong passwords everywhere and not having to re-use any (because there’s only so far human memory goes).

The Artisan Web

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I don’t post quite as regularly here as I would like to, I’m currently spending more time thinking about updates to [Dive Coaching Australia][]. Having said that, I very much agree with John Scalzi’s post on making the web a better place: own your content. Use a blog or other site you control for the majority of what you write. Yeah, it’s a bit of extra work. It’s also much more empowering and it reduces the amount of money flowing towards amoral billionaires and the ad industry.

MP4 H.264 vs H.265, Apple Compatibility and Storage

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Action cameras (and many others) will encode MP4 video using H.264 or using constant rate H.265. This is somewhat space intensive though, so taking lots of video can quickly fill up your disks. A fix for this it to re-encode as H.265 or to switch from constant bitrate to a constant rate factor (i.e. quality level). These are much more space efficient algorithms with no perceptible drop in quality. If your goal is to have the best video you can while reducing file sizes, this is a good approach.

The Rise and Fall of the US Empire: Abortion

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In this chapter of The Rise and Fall of the US Empire: Abortion. This post is probably only interesting to US citizens and residents. We knew Roe v Wade was going to fall. It is reprehensible that the federal government wasn’t able to get its act together in time. There should absolutely be federal law covering this and the ruling even called it out as the preferred way to settle the case.