Getting started as a Dive Instructor in Australia

I recently moved back to Australia and there have been a few surprises in getting into dive instructing. Here’s what I’ve learned. Note that I got my SCUBA instructors certificate in the Caribbean, so these differences are specific to that experience. Summary You need an AS2299 medical. You need a first aid/CPR training certificate complying with HLTAID011, which EFR does not unless given by someone with a certificate 4. Oxygen provider is required, HLTAID015 DAN does not provide professional insurance in Australia.

Diving Stories, Lessons and Information

This is a list of all the dive related media I keep an eye on for interesting lessons. I’m not going to categorise heavily as many of them have everything from trip reports to accident reviews and even gear unboxing. Alphabetical order, not preference order. I may eventually add commentary, but for the moment it’s just a list. Podcasts: Speaking Sidemount The Dive Locker The League of Extraordinary Divers Agency Websites:

Certification Card Checks

You know the drill, diver comes in without a card and it needs to be looked up. CMAS GUE - Lookup a diver number only, no name/DoB lookup IDEA - WDA - Recreational IDEA - WDA - Professional NADD - Recreational NADD - Professional NAUI NASE PADI - Professional PADI - Recreational - Requires PADI Pro PADI - Card Replacement A workaround if you’re not a PADI Pro and need to lookup a divers credentials PSS RAID SDI/TDI SNSI - Recreational SNSI - Professional SSI Agencies without lookup: