Paralenz+ Review

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Recently, Paralenz announced their next generation of dive cameras, the Vaquita which prompted me to write up this post about the things I love and the areas I’m hoping they will improve in the next generation. My summary on this device is that the hardware is very good and the software is mediocre, it’s worth getting as long as the caveats don’t impact your use case (although at this specific time, I’d wait for the Vaquita which should come out in April).


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Today I filed another REEF survey and we got to see a whaleshark up close and personal. I did manage to get some good video of it, especially the left side, so I also got to file a Wildbook report. If you’re not familiar with these programs, REEF collects information on reef health by asking divers to do roaming surveys identifying fish species and abundance. Wildbook keeps track of Whalesharks, which we know very little about, and is able to identify them by the patterns on their skin.


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In July, I left Google to take some time to travel and learn new skills. Opal and I spent the following month travelling around the UK, visiting friends (hi Louise!) and seeing the sights; including the National Rail Museum, London, Bath, Skye and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. September was Kerry’s wedding and bouncing around Europe visiting old friends (Sabine, Cat and Mike) and making new ones (Jo, Laura and Shirli)

Palindrome Dates

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Recently I saw a meme going around about how 9-19-19 was the last day where we’d have palindrome dates in our lifetimes. Of course, my immediate thought was, “Well, maybe if you restrict yourself to short form US style dates and you’re already pretty old. I wonder how many palindrome dates there really are to experience over the next human lifetime?”. So, what date formats are available to us and in common use?