Human Error and Failure Analysis

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Preventing errors is a critical part of leadership and management. This is true regardless of your industry. Key points for error prevention: Positive attitude to errors: Blame free culture The psychology of human error Look for an error chain, there are usually multiple factors leading to errors Active failures (human, usually ~10-20%) vs latent failures (system, 80-90%) Education and knowledge management (educate, don’t train) Effective system safeguards A focus on error detection and prevention (“Preventive and Corrective Action” model) Simplification, be anal about it.

The Ground Up Show and Theme Journal

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While driving today, I was introduced to to The Ground Up Show episode 94 Success Doesn’t Equal Happiness by my friend Lynette. On the theme of productivity and happiness, I also ended up watching The Journal Keeps Me Productive by CGP Grey during a break. Both were intensive enough that I ended up having to listen to music afterwards (another podcast was simply too much) and listened to both again when I got to Townsville.

Leaving, On a Jet Plane

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Earlier in the year I decided to move back to Australia as the pandemic handling in the USA was rather insane (I wanted to move earlier, family reasons kept me from doing so). So, on the 6th I headed to SFO with my ticket, a PCR/NAA COVID-19 test, my Queensland Health QR code and my 3 pieces of checked luggage: one climbing bag, one dive bag and one bag of sundries (including weight limited overflow from the others).

Booking Flights to Australia

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Earlier in the year I set a goal of either getting a job in the US government working towards fixing some of the mess left over from the previous administration or leaving the country. I recently got the news that I was unsuccessful in my applications and so the hunt for tickets to Australia began. Tales of the difficulty in getting to Australia are rampant right now and I can see where some of them come from.