Date: 0001-01-01 · Word Count: 498 · Reading Time: 3 minutes

Clearly, there are valid concerns about holding our leaders to task for the choices they make. I believe you’re also absolutely correct that it would be best if we had a progressive leader (Bernie has certainly done some dealing to move the Biden platform in a more progressive direction and we can continue to lobby aggressively for improvements in both the Biden platform and the platform of other Democrats).

I’m curious as to what the other side, where Trump and the fascists in the Republican party continue to have power, looks like to you? How far back do you believe they’ll push the country and how long will that take to recover from? Will it even be recoverable? What are you willing to give up to stop that from happening?

You know my stance on this, for those who don’t: I believe we’ve been backed into a corner and it’s now an all or nothing fight to the death. If we get another round of Trump with either a supporting house or senate (he doesn’t need both, although he’s certainly more likely to do more damage if the senate backs him, due to judges) then we’re likely to lose democracy and the country will dissolve.

Certainly, if he’s in charge of replacing RBG and the other federal judges, all the progressive improvements over the last 50 years are likely to be rolled back and, until those judges die or we change the constitution, nearly impossible to fix. I believe we need to fight for all three, without exception or reservation, because we can no longer afford to risk any of them and if any one of them is held by the Republicans at the end of 2020, we’re in a world of hurt. At absolute best, and I really do mean absolute best, they block fixing the mess Trump and the fascists left behind.

Where are you on that spectrum?

As for the last point you made, what will provide you with sufficient evidence that the people (and who are the people in this requirement, how do they show this evidence before the election?) will hold his feet to the fire?

A book I’m reading at the moment about self defense has, from my perspective, a relevant passage: “Someone is going to read this and think, “I have a right do go anywhere I want. Just because something is dangerous doesn’t take away my rights.” Let’s get this over with now. Defending yourself is not and never has been about rights - rights are those things that the civilized members of society agree everyone deserves. When you hit the ground and taste blood in your mouth, when a steel-toed boot slams your head into a curb, when a knife slips under the waistband of your skirt and a hand is wrapped around your throat, the civilized agreement on how people should be treated is not an issue.” – Meditations on Violence by Sgt. Rory Miller.