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I’m not sure , can you tell me what Biden’s views are about disclosure ? What his belief is about the government reverse engineering technology they collected from crash sites believed to come from ships that originated off planet or the secret space programs and information gained from that and capture of pilots involved that survived those crashes? I would surely vote for him if he plans to release that info or get to the bottom of it making the truth known because that would tell me he is not apart of those who know what’s going on and wish to keep the information from the public as it would bring to light others who were involved and had knowledge that would hurt their reputations and do anything not to have that get out to public . However, I am against Qanon activity but convince me and I will convince all those for whom only vote for trump believing he will release the info as he is a piece of shit I would rather not have in power but he isnt apart of the political parties like every other politician so because lesser of 2 evils to those who were tired of injustice as we can all see there is too much proof to ignore that things are happening the government has lied about to American people who are effected by it.


I agree that it’s really important for the government to be open about this! While I agree that it’s taking too long for them to open up these files, neither the Trump nor Biden campaign have an official position on this topic. Biden was part of the Obama Whitehouse and they significantly opened up the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This reduced the lifetime for which information could be withheld from 50 years to 25! On the other side, we see the Trump administration crushing Freedom of Information requests, as this article describes Given this I have come to the conclusion that we’re more likely to see the release of this critical information under a Biden whitehouse. What do you think?