Kavanaugh and the Surpreme Court

Date: 2018-09-30 · Word Count: 429 · Reading Time: 3 minutes

No matter what you think of the Ford allegations, it’s clear that Kavanaugh is unfit to be a judge at any level, let alone the supreme court. Just listening to his answers (or reading the transcript and SCOTUS Blog) it’s clear that he is not capable of being the impartial arbiter of justice that is required of the position he now holds or the one he seeks (among many other things, accusing senators of conspiracy on behalf of the Clintons should be disqualifying in of itself). At this point, Ford’s allegations should be dealt with by the police and the court system where they can be investigated without the senate and media circus or the public focus which causes nutjobs to threaten her life. The question we started with, “Is Kavanaugh the right person to fill a supreme court vacancy?” has an absolutely clear answer and that answer is a resounding no.

To be clear, you do not have to believe Dr Ford to object to Kavanaugh, you just have to pay attention to him to realize he is unsuitable for the position. If you want to keep it to strictly work related questions, then the discrepancies around his testimonies for the current position and the supreme court should be sufficient; some of which are discussed in various reports about the Miranda case (also see the various linked articles from this report, they’re highly illuminating).

Let’s give Dr Ford and her family back the safety of not being in the spotlight for following through with her allegations and concentrate on all the things Kavanaugh said which make him completely untenable. While some of you may be willing to write off Dr Ford just because of the timing, consider Kavanaugh’s willingness to lie to the senate and otherwise participate in ethically dubious behavior unquestionably related to his job.

I strongly encourage you to call senators (waivering or otherwise) and have this discussion. There can be various reasons for waving off of Ford, for the politically expedient or just because she is not believed by some, but there is no waving off the work related behavior which show that he should probably be impeached instead of confirmed to the supreme court.

Here’s the phone numbers of known waivering senators:

  • Lisa Murkowski:
    • DC: +1-202-224-6665
    • Anchorage: +1-907-271-3735
    • Fairbanks: +1-907-456-0233
    • Juneau: +1-907-586-7277
  • Susan Collins: +1-202-224-2523
  • Jeff Flake: +1-202-224-4521
  • Bob Corker: +1-202-224-3344

If you’ve got the time, calling all the republican senators (because this is currently a party lines vote) is worth while, even those who have pledged support may be able to be swayed.