Date: 2020-02-01 · Word Count: 146 · Reading Time: 1 minute

Today I filed another REEF survey and we got to see a whaleshark up close and personal. I did manage to get some good video of it, especially the left side, so I also got to file a Wildbook report. If you’re not familiar with these programs, REEF collects information on reef health by asking divers to do roaming surveys identifying fish species and abundance. Wildbook keeps track of Whalesharks, which we know very little about, and is able to identify them by the patterns on their skin. If you ever see a whaleshark please try to get a photo or video of the left side of the body, especially the section just behind the pectoral fin, and submit it to Wildbook.

Tomorrow is the last dive of the GoEco program, after which I start the instructor development course (IDC), which I’m greatly looking forward to.