2022 Australian Federal Election Guide

Word Count: 9576 · Reading Time: 45 minutes


Overview and Research As I’ve recently returned to Australia, I had to do quite a bit of research on the parties as well as the candidates to work out what’s going on and figure out how to vote. Specifically, I’m in Flynn in Queensland. Even if you’re not in my district, I hope the party information is useful. For my research I started with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) candidate list as well as the ABC election guide.

Debugging Google Fi

Word Count: 188 · Reading Time: 1 minute


When I left the USA, I decided to keep my US phone number as so many things are tied to it. After a few months in Australia, it suddenly stopped connecting to the network. Now, typical debugging for this is relatively straight forward: Restart Double check APN settings Disable other SIMs (and restart, everything involves a restart) Switch between physical and eSIM Removing the account completely and going through full setup Reinstalling the Fi app Disable an re-enable international coverage Using dialer codes Unfortunately, none of that worked.

The Ground Up Show and Theme Journal

Word Count: 1032 · Reading Time: 5 minutes


While driving today, I was introduced to to The Ground Up Show episode 94 Success Doesn’t Equal Happiness by my friend Lynette. On the theme of productivity and happiness, I also ended up watching The Journal Keeps Me Productive by CGP Grey during a break. Both were intensive enough that I ended up having to listen to music afterwards (another podcast was simply too much) and listened to both again when I got to Townsville.

Leaving, On a Jet Plane

Word Count: 1560 · Reading Time: 8 minutes


Earlier in the year I decided to move back to Australia as the pandemic handling in the USA was rather insane (I wanted to move earlier, family reasons kept me from doing so). So, on the 6th I headed to SFO with my ticket, a PCR/NAA COVID-19 test, my Queensland Health QR code and my 3 pieces of checked luggage: one climbing bag, one dive bag and one bag of sundries (including weight limited overflow from the others).