Kavanaugh and the Surpreme Court

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No matter what you think of the Ford allegations, it’s clear that Kavanaugh is unfit to be a judge at any level, let alone the supreme court. Just listening to his answers (or reading the transcript and SCOTUS Blog) it’s clear that he is not capable of being the impartial arbiter of justice that is required of the position he now holds or the one he seeks (among many other things, accusing senators of conspiracy on behalf of the Clintons should be disqualifying in of itself).


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Given how much more efficient IPSec is than OpenVPN, I decided to setup an IKEv2 endpoint using FreeBSD on my network to allow for accessing content which is restricted to the USA and doing administration on my network when traveling. FreeBSD The DEFAULT kernel contains everything you need to run IPSec, just add the following to /boot/loader.conf: if_enc_load="YES" If you’re building a custom kernel, you’ll want: options IPSEC device crypto device enc OpenIKED As OpenIKED has a relateively simple configuration and applications written by the OpenBSD team tend to be relatively secure, I started with it.