Human Error and Failure Analysis

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Preventing errors is a critical part of leadership and management. This is true regardless of your industry. Key points for error prevention: Positive attitude to errors: Blame free culture The psychology of human error Look for an error chain, there are usually multiple factors leading to errors Active failures (human, usually ~10-20%) vs latent failures (system, 80-90%) Education and knowledge management (educate, don’t train) Effective system safeguards A focus on error detection and prevention (“Preventive and Corrective Action” model) Simplification, be anal about it.

The Ground Up Show and Theme Journal

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While driving today, I was introduced to to The Ground Up Show episode 94 Success Doesn’t Equal Happiness by my friend Lynette. On the theme of productivity and happiness, I also ended up watching The Journal Keeps Me Productive by CGP Grey during a break. Both were intensive enough that I ended up having to listen to music afterwards (another podcast was simply too much) and listened to both again when I got to Townsville.