The Rise and Fall of the US Empire: Abortion

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In this chapter of The Rise and Fall of the US Empire: Abortion. This post is probably only interesting to US citizens and residents. We knew Roe v Wade was going to fall. It is reprehensible that the federal government wasn’t able to get its act together in time. There should absolutely be federal law covering this and the ruling even called it out as the preferred way to settle the case.

2022 Australian Federal Election Guide

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Overview and Research As I’ve recently returned to Australia, I had to do quite a bit of research on the parties as well as the candidates to work out what’s going on and figure out how to vote. Specifically, I’m in Flynn in Queensland. Even if you’re not in my district, I hope the party information is useful. For my research I started with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) candidate list as well as the ABC election guide.

What to do about the Coup?

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There have been continuous attempts at a soft coup in the USA since the 2020 November election. On 2021-01-06, this turned into an attempt at a hard coup. Insurrectionists stormed the capitol, waiving flags of failed regimes from days gone by including both Confederate battle flag (which they flew in place of the US flag) and US flags with white nationalist slogans written on them. A gallows was also erected while armed men wandered the halls of congress carrying ziptie handcuffs.

2020 November Election Guide

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Overview and Research This guide is ordered from most general to most specific. I’ll start with Federal and work my way down to County so you can stop reading once it’s no longer relevant to you. For those who have read my summaries before and were expecting California, I’m now living in Washington State. Yes, I’ve read most of the details of the propositions and would recommend that you do too as the summaries often hide the important aspects of any given proposition.